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Sector abcSecurity ServicesTender ValueN.A.
LocationAndaman And Nicobar - India Ref.No53353870
Closing Date20 - Oct - 2022
Procurement of 107 item of ma group - 22pmac002 em3090b-g-rs-01751 double frequency meter 45-50-55hz,440v, em3090b-m-di-00001 single phase double wound control transformer, em3090b-b-kc-00022 limit switch open normal action 1no+1nc contact, em3090b-a-sc-13103 undervoltage release 220/240v ac for nsx 100-nsx630, em3090b-d-sc-00007 auxiliary contactor rated 10a,415v ac coil with 4no, em3090b-d-sc-00009 auxiliary contactor rated 10a,415v ac coil with 2no+2nc, em3090b-u-deif-00053 genset control unit, gcu 100 series 415,3ph,50hz,ctr200/5a, em3090b-h-tc-1105 indicating lamp integral led amber colour 24v, em3090b-b-sz-11343 single pole two way without off rotary switch rated 6a, em3090b-a-sc-05326 tp motor operated drawout type acb rated 800a, em3090b-d-sc-00602 230v ac relays 2 c/o with led and base alongwith clamp, em3090b-g-rs-01077 ammeter 0-200a,ctr 200/5a,size 96x96mm,240 deg,scale, em3090b-jack-24 socket box for 12 way portable sound powered telephone, em3090b-b-sc-00206 mushroom turn to release push button red, em3090b-g-rs-01072 ammeter 0-600a,ctr 600/5a,size 96x96mm 240 deg scale, em3090b-g-rs-01791 vibrating type frequency meter 45-50-55hz,440v,size 96x96mm, em3090b-g-rs-02033 double voltmeter 0-500v size 96x96mm, em3090b-b-sz-00031 voltmeter selector switch rated 6a, em3090b-a-sc-11899 tp mccb rated 100a, em3090b-d-sc-00613 24v dc relays 2 c/o with led,base and clamp, em3090b-g-deif-02092 insulation monitor,size 96x96, em3090b-g-rs-00109 kilowattmeter 0-125kw,3 wire 2 elements. 96x96mm,240 deg, em3090b-g-rs-00163 kilowattmeter 75-0-500kw 3 wire 2 elements, em3090b-m-di-00018 single phase double wound control transformer,415/24v,5va, em3090b-g-rs-00103 kilowattmeter 0-500kw 3 wire 2 elements, em3090b-g-rs-00643 pf meter 0.0-1-0.5,rm at 0.8,ctr 300/5a,380v,50hz, em3090b-g-rs-01069 ammeter 0-800a,ctr 800/5a,size 96x96mm 240 deg scale, em3090b-a-sc-12208 tp mccb rated 40a, em3090b-a-sc-12256 tp mccb rated 32a, em3090b-b-sz-10766 triple pole 3 way rotary switch rated 6a, em3090b-d-sc-00018 auxiliary contactor rated 10a,220v ac coil with 2no+2nc, em3090b-e-sc-04074 triple pole minature circuit breaker rated 25a, em3090b-h-tc-1103 indicating lamp integral led red colour 24v, em3090b-a-sc-05325 triple pole motor operated drawout type acb rated 800a, em3090b-a-sc-12323 tp mccb rated 25a, em3090b-a-sc-13043 motor mechanism 220-240v, 50/60hz ac for nsx100-nsx160, em3090b-a-sc-14012 9-wire moving connector for nsx400-nsx630, em3090b-au-mag-24 24 way sound power telephone with head set socket, em3090b-b-sz-11068 double pole on-off switch rated 6a, em3090b-m-di-00007 single phase double wound control transformer, em3090b-me12220sq96 voltmeter 0-500v with rubber ring, em3090b-me12226a thermostat 30-90 degree c, em3090b-ots-afas-cs dual level sensor, em3090b-ots-afas-sjb sensor jb, em3090b-sfr-96 frequency meter 45-50-55hz vibrating reed-red mark at 50 hz, em3090b-sif-96 voltmeter 0-500v red mark at 415v, 96x96 mm size, em3090b-yl40 combined audio-visual alarm unit, em3090b-e-ml-00080 phase failure with uv/ov relay, em3090b-e-sc-04070 triple pole minature circuit breaker rated 6a, em3090b-h-sc-00015 indicating lamp white colour 24v ac/dc, em3090b-au-mag-p-12 12 way portable sound power telephone, em3090b-a-sc-11428 tp mccb rated 200a, em3090b-a-sc-11668 tp mccb rated 160a, em3090b-a-sc-13023 motor mechanism 220-240v 50/60hz ac for nsx250, em3090b-au-acm headset with microphone and 10m cable, em3090b-b-sc-00052 selector switch 3 position spring return, em3090b-b-sz-11301 single pole six way with off rotary switch rated 6a, em3090b-e-rs-00005 phase angle difference transducer, em3090b-e-sc-04053 double pole minature circuit breaker rated 2a, em3090b-g-rs-00164 kilowattmeter 50-0-400kw 3 wire 2 elements, em3090b-g-rs-01070 ammeter 0-750a,ctr 750/5a,size 96x96mm 240 deg scale, em3090b-g-rs-01892 voltmeter 0-500v,rm at 380v, em3090b-ots-afas-zb zener barrier, em3090b-u-cm-00004 electronic potentiometer, em3090b-a-mg-3167 support for 2 moving connector, em3090b-a-sc-11197 tp mccb rated 630a, em3090b-a-sc-13003 motor mechanism 220-240v 50/60hz ac for nsx400-nsx630, em3090b-b-sc-00164 pushbutton yellow colour with 1no contact, em3090b-d-sc-00458 4nc contacts add on block front mounted, em3090b-h-sc-00017 indicating lamp red colour 24v ac/dc, em3090b-xb7-ev03mpn indicating lamp integral led green colour 230v, em3090b-a-sc-11546 tp mccb rated 200a, em3090b-h-sc-00006 indicating lamp integral led blue colour,230v ac, em3090b-a-sc-12366 tp mccb rated 16a, em3090b-a-sc-11297 tp mccb rated 400a, em3090b-a-sc-11776 tp mccb rated 125a, em3090b-a-sc-14011 9-wire fixed connector for nsx400-nsx630, em3090b-au-mag-12-c 12 way bulkhead mounted spt for headset, em3090b-b-sc-00166 pushbutton red colour with 1nc contact, em3090b-d-sc-00460 on delay electronic timer ac 110-240v having range 1-30s, em3090b-d-sc-00653 24v dc relays 4c/o with led,base and clamp, em3090b-g-rs-01824 ac voltmeter 0-300v, size 72x72mm rm at-230v,cl-1 acc, em3090b
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Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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