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Product Detail : Supply of hrc fuse fuse link (16a) el3020b-sf9015ooooos, cctv cameras el3020b-spe0101186822, luminous push button (red)(dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9b01, shaft speed meter el3020b-ipms1048ia901, vme processor el3020b-ipms101740101, memory card el3020b-spe0101188004, luminous push button (yellow) (dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9e01, 42 ah batteries el3020b-ipms1101c7w01, rectifier unit el3020b-ipms106892l01, mcb 16a dp el3020b-spe0101183275, me speed meter el3020b-spe0101186988, propulsion control pcb dio el3020b-spe0101186899, mccb dl100 63a 3p tm el3020b-sl97807oooo, vme ip carrier el3020b-ipms101020601, door or hatch proximity switch el3020b-ipms1051eqf01, fuselink hf 2a el3020b-sf90144oooo, mcb 4a 2 pole current rating 2a,24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400589, mcb=2a el3020b-spe0101183270, display el3020b-spe0101186983, pressure sensore el3020b-spe0101187013, pressure sensors ( 0 to 10 bar) el3020b-spe0101187012, mcb 6a 2 pole current rating 6a, 24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400591, processor el3020b-spe0101186812, power supply switch box el3020b-ipms1075pu10, buzzer el3020b-ipms1108hnn01, indicating lamp green led el3020b-sh03307, flot level switch el3020b-spe0101187155, indicating lamp blue led el3020b-sh03309, hrc fuse, fuse link (2a) el3020b-sf90144000s, hmi unit for stab el3020b-xl91016, mccb dsine dn3-400n 400a 3p tm (mag 6-10) el3020b-cm94003oor1og, power contractor mnx 40, 415v el3020b-cs94190dooo, luminous push button (green)(dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9a01, luminous sw push to on/push to off(red)(dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9f01, modbus card el3020b-ipms106894201, indicating lamp amber led el3020b-sh03308, mcb 4a -2 pole current rating 4a, 24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400590, analog input module el3020b-ipms101020401, battery 26ah,12v el3020b-ipms1062b2e01, cat 6 cable patch chord el3020b-ipms106227801, cat 6 cable el3020b-ipms109222r01, adressable heat detector el3020b-ipms1103eoj01, propulsion control pcb unio el3020b-spe0101186900, auxiliary contactor el3020b-ss94662dooos, ups rectifier pcb el3020b-ltnpvr-unipsu-boenrectif, hrc fuse, fuse link (2a) el3020b-quhf0002acf, control card, gxt mt lb 3000 va el3020b-ipms106891801, mccb-50a el3020b-cm97893oog2, luminous push button (blue)(dropin plate) el3020b-ipms1048h9d01, hrc fuse fuse link (4a) el3020b-sf90145oooos, mcb 16a 2 pole current rating 16a, 24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400593, mcb 20a 2 pole current rating 20a, 24 vdc el3020b-spe0053400594, c-power acb 800a el3020b-acbssym54-003, acos card, 415v el3020b-acos-card-3ph, adressable combine heat and optical detector el3020b-ipms1103epb01, selector switch (4 positions, 5 poles 16a) el3020b-spe0043131606, charger for data collector unit el3020b-spe0101187427, contactor el3020b-ss946694ooo, dn3-400h non-motorised fixed mccb el3020b-cm94003oor4s, mcb nc202n el3020b-nc202ns, fans el3020b-spe0101186501, control panel t2000 el3020b-ipms1103eob01, exi 800 mx is loop interface el3020b-ipms1103eox01, laser source with lcd display el3020b-spe0101187097, power terminal sterminal 1.5sqmm-6sqmm el3020b-spe0101187778, dc ups el3020b-spe0101113066, jhd202n naval display el3020b-bosrmufnws-bosr20itft, insulation monitor el3020b-spe0101100392, hrc fuse, fuse link (4a) el3020b-quhf0004acf, hrc fuse, fuse link (6a) el3020b-quhf0006acf, ptz camera unit, complete el3020b-ltnpvr-cctvsy-boaxcam213, loop extention card el3020b-ipms1103eow01, auxilary relay mn0 ac(240v) (2no+2nc) cont el3020b-ss94662booo, combinatory lever el3020b-assrpctrlp-bosrcomlev, analog output module el3020b-ipms101020501, do pcb with 16 relays el3020b-ipms101102y01, signal conditioners (i to v) el3020b-ipms1018k3a01, keyboard el3020b-spe0101186799, trackball el3020b-spe0101186865, 32 channel di pcb el3020b-ipms1019l3j01.
Document Sale To : 14-10-2021 at 14:30 Hrs
Tender Location : Andaman And Nicobar - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender Closing Date : 14/10/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 15/10/2021 at 14:30 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Non Classified - Non Classified   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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