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Tender CorrigendumDeadline has been changed from 14/10/2021 00:00:00 to 13/11/2021 00:00:00 AM
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Product Detail : Supply av mount,30diax30ht,m8 both side er6151b-102000501002, control transformer er6151b-101101650010, reverse vane impeller, p
2b er6151b-100125101032, o-ring bearing housing, p
33b er6151b-100125101049, deflector p
40 er6151b-100125101050, o ring hp connection er6151b-100601611007, lp hose 25mm id bare hose er6151b-101700501001, kit repair er6151b-100103001046, gland for mech seal, p
17b er6151b-100125101037, pressure guage er6150b-104-285, bearing lock washer, p
69 er6151b-100125101055, cover gasket , p
73 er6151b-100125101056, av mount for pk20 er6151b-102000501003, electrical spare kit for ro 1530 er6151b-132900402003, hp pump discharge manifold er6150b-206438, rubber hose from c/f outlet to hp pump inlet(20/30tpd) er6150b-702201, pulley spa 118 x 3 groove er6150b-205014, module bypass nozzle er6151b-100802302002, permeate male elbow er6151b-100805214201, potention meter er6151b-101102235001, victualic coupling er6150b-00311, oil drain plug, p
19c er6151b-100125101043, prefilter pump er6151b-100125101001, circlip internal, p
18b er6151b-100125101040, motor 415v 6p 7.5 kw sidetb er6151b-100300211131, s.s jubilee clips, 1x , (30 mm to 40 mm) er6150b-501005, cartridge filter elements er6151b-301016, ceramic plunger er6150b-206427, o ring overhauling kit er6150b-206696, nozzleset for filter consist of filterhead,tube,strainer er6150b-302503, coupler for victaulic coupling 1" er6150b-706001, lip seal dt module/groove ring gasket flange/sealing er6150b-100601711001, nitrogen gas cylinder regulator er6150b-104410, deep groove ball bearing er6150b-202318, bearing ring, rotating er6150b-202620, abs service kit er6150b-203005a, valve kit for hp pump er6150b-206102, kit wear parts er6151b-100100103033, kit shaft seal er6151b-100100103066, ho pump seat kit er6151b-100200131901, hop pump valve kit er6151b-100200131902, filter element er6151b-100401002101, connector straight er6151b-100805414003, solenoide valve er6151b-100902101009, level switches for cleaning tank er6151b-101200502011, level switches for permeate tank er6151b-101200502012, hp pump motor pulley 10s er6151b-101900102018, victauling coupling 1/4 er6150b-204912, bearing hp pump er6150b-206110, bearing case shim 1/2 circle er6150b-206414, h.p pump c`case oil er6150b-402101, dt module 4 tpd/ekm subs er6150b-601133, flexible pipe- pu4 er6150b-100802114101, hp pump spacer with coil spring er6150b-206442, valve set er6150b-206602, hp pump discharge manifold er6150b-206638, spacer with coil springs er6150b-206642, compressed air regulator er6151b-100925001001, hp hose raw water/brine 2500l er6151b-101800504002, low pressure seal er6150b-206632, cartridge filter er6150b-301015, pressure gauge for air regulator er6151b-101200102002, e-spare kit ro 30 tpd er6150b-102302, electric spare kit for ro 200 er6150b-102304, quick acting coupling er6150b-204901, taper bush 2517 bore 35 mm er6150b-205113, hp pump female adapter er6150b-206435, plunger rod pin er6150b-206620, module bypass nozzle er6150b-502261, dt module tool kit er6150b-902003, jubilee clip 40mm er6150b-bea01386, pressure switch er6150b-mda01115, hp pump driving belt set er6150b-705003, lp hose (for air line) er6150b-702244, brine r/w hp flexible hose-xl er6150b-702134, membrane solution 44 er6150b-che00083, breather, p
45 er6151b-100125101051, lip seal(i.b.), p
47 er6151b-100125101052, lip seal (o.b.), p
49 er6151b-100125101053, mech seal, p
60 er6151b-100125101054, victualic coupling 1" er6151b-100803116001, pulsation damper er6151b-100210204001, hp pump inlet manifold er6150b-206631, non return valve 3/8"(f) er6150b-100922102001, prefilter / filter pump shaft seal er6150b-202601, oil seal plunger rod er6150b-206119, oil seal crankshaft er6150b-206415, bearing case er6150b-206416, seal kit er6150b-206601, s.s. jubilee clips, 22 mm to 30 mm er6150b-501004, high pressure manifold 3 x 2 arrangement er6150b-502251, disc tube module er6150b-601169, hp pump driving belt set er6150b-705106, flexible tubing pu 9 er6150b-scm01173, kit ignition spare r.o 1530-51000 er6150b-zaza00364, seal booster pump shaft er6150b-zpk00196, shaft seal er6151b-100125101022, hp pump inlet manifold er6150b-206431, oil seal crank case er6150b-206622, adaptor (h.p.pump) er6150b-206635, male adaptor er6150b-206637, pl-4 hose(mtrs) er6150b-503114, o ring cartridge filter housing er6151b-100400401502, groove ring gasket flange er6151b-100601711001, flow switch er6151b-100700405004, smcv valve unit for 3/4' valve er6151b-100900305012, smcv actuator unit er6151b-100900305106, mcb 2 amp er6151b-101100705003, hrc fuse 2 amp er6151b-101101305901, fuse - 6 amps er6151b-101101305903, adaptor for hp discharge ro 1530 er6151b-130802604018, main switch 63amp er6151b-415v-p3-63-ea-svb, pulley spa 250 x 3 groove er6150b-205013, prefilter pumpmotor set of ball bearing er6150b-205302, seal kit for hp pump er6150b-206101, valve kit for hp pump er6150b-206202, hp pump anode plugs
Document Sale To : 14-10-2021 at 11:30 Hrs
Tender Location : Andaman And Nicobar - India
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Tender Closing Date : 13/11/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 15/11/2021 at 11:30 Hrs.
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Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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